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Operations & Support

Enabling an organisation or country with connected diagnostics requires expert knowledge, not just in the arenas of strategy creation and technical design, but also in operational capacity and implementation requirements.

The operating model that is chosen to support an eHealth solution is as essential as the strategy that guides its development. Connected Diagnostics has extensive knowledge in all these areas and can provide post-sales, operational support to create a fully functional service for both the manufacturer and user.

Operating Procedures

How a business reacts to the data produced by a device is vital to the success of a connected health solution. Coping with the volume of data connected devices provide, and how to get the best use out of that information, can be challenging for manufacturers. It is also essential that all procedures support the strategy and objectives identified prior to launch.

Connected Diagnostics has an experienced team to help write the numerous operating procedures required, from instructions for use to issue resolution and service level agreements, ensuring they reinforce the organisational strategy and drive benefits both internally and externally.

Device Management

Device management can seem overwhelming, particularly with a global application. It is of paramount importance that data is monitored regularly to ensure devices are behaving as expected and to undertake corrective action based on current and accurate data.

Connected Diagnostics can help to give you reassurance through expert support teams; from monitoring device performance on your behalf, to scheduling global software updates that are implemented simultaneously regardless of the device’s location.

Data Analysis and Insight

In the fast-paced world of eHealth solutions, it is essential that development does not stop once a product is launched to market. Further to device management, Connected Diagnostics can help to present various data analysis and insights through a series of well-informed dashboards and graphs, suitable for sharing with key stakeholders. These insights will help to validate your connected health strategy and engender support for future expansions, as well as inform the requirements for future modifications and developments.

Post Market Surveillance

Post market surveillance is not only vital to the ongoing success of an eHealth solution, but it is also a legal requirement. The need to satisfy these surveillance requirements is likely to be one of the key drivers for developing a connected solution, as all manufacturers must log any device issues or bugs, as well as customer complaints. Connected Diagnostics have a wealth of expertise to ensure device performance is recorded accurately, effectively and in accordance with the necessary legal regulations.