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Consultancy Services

Not only do we work with manufacturers of medical devices and healthcare facilities, we also support non-profit organisations and academic institutions on various projects, including landscape reports, technical standards, guidance documents and marketing plans.

There are hugely positive outcomes to be gained just by understanding the challenges and benefits of connected medical devices, even if you are not looking to develop a solution of this kind. Whether you need support with market research or business and marketing plans for existing devices, or help writing complex technical specifications, the Connected Diagnostics team is on hand to talk through your requirements.

Market Research

Connected Diagnostics has helped many of its customers with market research and landscape reports to understand how new product and service ideas might work and how they might fair competitively. Other projects have been undertaken to understand the impact of technology evolution for roadmap future-proofing. Whatever your market research needs are, if it relates to connectivity and digital health we are sure to be able to help.

Technical Specifications

The Connected Diagnostics team has helped to develop and launch a number of medical devices and services, and we are well-versed in writing technical specifications - including target product profiles, product evaluation frameworks and tender processes.

If you require our support with your specification requirements, please get in touch.

Business & Marketing Plans

The creation of connected instruments and the collection of instrument performance data changes the traditional commodity sales model for many manufacturers. Data can be used to monitor device performance and offers insights into customer utilisation that are not possible with a simplistic focus on unit sales. As a result, the marketing and business plans of companies that produce connected medical devices differ from their non-connected competition, as they seek to take advantage of the data revolution.

If you are looking to understand how to prepare your organisation for this transformation, please get in touch.