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Our Services

Connected Diagnostics offers a comprehensive suite of services within the realm of connectivity and digital health. Whether you require support in developing and launching connected medical devices or seek insights into the broader market landscape, product prerequisites, or effective business and marketing strategies, our team is at your service.

Our team of experts brings with them a wealth of experience in successfully guiding others through the intricate terrain of digital health. Our client roster includes some of the most renowned companies, organisations, and institutions, and our array of services spans all phases, encompassing strategy formulation, product and service development, and post-launch operational management.

Strategies & Business Modelling

When considering the introduction of connectivity within diagnostic platforms, there are many areas that a manufacturer must consider, from user interaction to regulatory compliance. A connected health strategy, along with a robust business model and budget, will provide the road map to maximise the success of your connected device.

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Product Development

Whether you are looking for an initial proof of concept or to develop a market leading connected product, we can help. Our experience as a team ranges from the design and development of health and lifestyle apps right through to embedded software for laboratory devices. Our knowledge and experience of technology, regulatory processes and implemention needs provide a holistic approach to product development that is unique to us.

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Regulatory Adherence

The breadth and depth of industry regulations is a challenge to many organisations and few understand the implications and requirements to bring an eHealth solution to market. Connected Diagnostics has the expertise in this arena to help guide manufacturers seamlessly through the regulatory processes and protocols.

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Operations & Support

Connected Diagnostics are experts at service definitions, describing the user experience, operation modelling and managing the impact of delivery. This provides you with a complete picture of the business changes, resource requirements and system behaviours that are required to create a fully functioning service.

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Consultancy Services

From business plans and market research, to general advice and guidance, our team of experts can assist in various ways. If you have an ad-hoc request for anything related to connectivity and digital health, please let us know and we will put our expert knowledge to the task.

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