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OTAMS Device Manager: Centralised Control for Diagnostic Excellence

Empower your diagnostic capabilities with OTAMS Device Manager, the nucleus of your device ecosystem, facilitating seamless management and unparalleled reliability.

Control - Insight - Efficiency

OTAMS Device Manager empowers manufacturers of medical diagnostic devices with a centralised, intuitive, and secure platform to manage their device fleets seamlessly. This comprehensive solution simplifies every aspect of device management, from provisioning to decommissioning, allowing you to focus on what matters most—innovating and delivering exceptional products.

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Discover the future of device management

With an intuitive interface and powerful tools for remote management, software updates, and data insights, OTAMS Device Manager empowers you to ensure peak performance, reliability, and security across your entire instrument fleet, delivering unmatched support and service to your clinical endpoints.

Foundational Connectivity

This foundational suite enables comprehensive remote interactions with individual devices, spanning the entire product lifecycle. It includes capabilities for viewing device status, issuing remote commands, and guiding each device through its stages — from initial provisioning and active deployment to eventual decommissioning.

Over-the-Air Updates

A crucial feature set that facilitates the remote administration of software updates and the secure transmission of configuration files directly to devices, irrespective of their location. This ensures that all devices within a group or fleet can be updated simultaneously, maintaining consistency and reducing downtime.

Data Management

OTAMS excels in its capacity to process and analyse device-generated telemetry, as well as configurable events such as diagnostic test runs. This enables a seamless flow of information, allowing for real-time reporting, data-driven insights, and informed decision-making based on accurate, up-to-date device data.

Accelerate Your Device’s Communication Capabilities

Unified Device Management Portal

OTAMS Device Manager provides a centralised platform that allows you to command your entire fleet of diagnostic devices providing a single point of access for all device management needs, enabling streamlined operations across your global infrastructure.

Enhanced Device Communication

Seamlessly connect with diagnostic instruments using OTAMS Device Manager’s robust communication framework. Enjoy uninterrupted data flow and real-time management capabilities, ensuring your devices operate at peak performance.

Advanced OTA Capabilities

Deploy over-the-air software updates with ease, ensuring your devices are always running the latest software, enhancing functionality, and addressing any vulnerabilities swiftly. OTAMS Device Manager’s OTA features minimize device downtime and maintain the highest standards of care.

Precise Configuration and Control

Distribute configuration files across your device network with precision. Tailor each device’s settings to meet specific operational requirements, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with clinical protocols.

Comprehensive Lifecycle Management

From initial deployment to final decommissioning, OTAMS Device Manager handles the complete lifecycle of your devices. Configure device modes, manage user permissions, and monitor device health to enhance security and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Smart Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Quickly identify and resolve issues with advanced diagnostic tools and log retrieval features. OTAMS Device Manager provides detailed insights into device performance, facilitating faster troubleshooting and improved device reliability.

With OTAMS Device Manager, elevate your diagnostic instrument management to a level of precision and control that sets new industry standards. Simplify complex processes, reduce operational costs, and deliver unparalleled patient care.

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