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OTAMS Connectivity Client Toolkit:

Forge the future of medical device connectivity with the OTAMS Connectivity Client Toolkit, designed to streamline the integration of cutting-edge communication within your diagnostic devices.

Design - Develop - Unify

The OTAMS Connectivity Client Toolkit stands as an invaluable suite of assets for manufacturers aiming to develop a software client that can seamlessly communicate with the OTAMS Device Manager. This comprehensive toolkit is designed to fast-track the development process, providing a well-defined set of physical resources including advanced design templates, interface specifications, and a clear set of requirements.

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No Need to Recreate the Wheel

The OTAMS Client Connectivity Toolkit serves as a highly adaptable blueprint, a cornerstone for software development that significantly abbreviates the journey to market. It alleviates the daunting task and complexity of starting from zero, thus sparing manufacturers from the onerous design decisions and developmental legwork typically associated with bespoke solutions.

Rapid Deployment

Accelerate device connectivity with pre-built templates.

Streamlined Development

Reduce time-to-market with standardised specifications.

Customisable Interfaces:

Flexibility to meet unique device communication needs.

Accelerate Your Device’s Communication Capabilities

Seamless Integration Blueprint

Dive into the digital age with our Connectivity Client Toolkit, which provides comprehensive design templates and specifications. These resources are tailored to enable swift and efficient communication development, ensuring your devices can seamlessly connect with the OTAMS ecosystem.

Customisable Interface Design

Our toolkit offers a flexible architecture that accommodates your device’s unique requirements. With customisable interface specifications, you adapt the communication protocols to fit the distinctive attributes of your diagnostic tools, ensuring a precise integration with your device management.

Rapid Development Cycle

Cut down on development time with our Client Connectivity Toolkit. The predefined templates and standards guide your development process, allowing for a faster transition from concept to market-ready connectivity solutions, keeping you ahead in a competitive landscape.

Secure Communication Assurance

Embedded within the toolkit are industry-standard security protocols, ensuring that the device-to-manager communications are not just seamless but also secure. Protect patient data and safeguard device integrity with encryption standards that meet and exceed industry expectations.

Quality and Compliance Confidence

Designed with regulatory considerations in mind, the toolkit ensures that your device connectivity is compliant with global standards. This proactive approach to quality and compliance streamlines the certification process for your connected devices.

Guided Implementation Support

The OTAMS Toolkit is more than just a set of tools; it’s backed by expert guidance. Our engineering software team is available to help you navigate the complexities of implementation, ensuring a smooth integration into the OTAMS Device Manager.

With the OTAMS Connectivity Client Toolkit, you are not just equipping your medical devices with superior connectivity; you are revolutionizing how diagnostic data is communicated, interpreted, and utilised, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

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