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Connectivity - Control - Intelligence

The OTAMS platform is your gateway to total connectivity. Elevate your operations with advanced features that deliver unmatched control and smart insights.

Empower Your Decisions

Seamless integration, ultimate control. Manage and maintain your diagnostic devices and data with unparalleled ease!

OTAMS Business Intelligence

Discover the power of intelligent decision-making with OTAMS Business Intelligence (BI) – a sophisticated analytics platform designed for the evolving needs of medical diagnostic device manufacturers. Our BI suite harnesses real-time device data, transforming it into actionable insights for enhanced operational efficiency, proactive quality control, and strategic forecasting.

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otams business intelligence

OTAMS Device Manager

Elevate your device oversight with OTAMS Device Manager, the ultimate centralised management portal crafted for medical diagnostic device manufacturers seeking robust, seamless control over their connected instruments. This advanced platform bridges your devices with our OTAMS Client Connectivity, collecting crucial data to feed into our comprehensive OTAMS Business Intelligence system.

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OTAMS Client Connectivity Toolkit

The OTAMS Connectivity Client Toolkit stands as an invaluable suite of assets for manufacturers aiming to develop a software client that can seamlessly communicate with the OTAMS Device Manager. This comprehensive toolkit is designed to fast-track the development process, providing a well-defined set of physical resources including advanced design templates, interface specifications, and a clear set of requirements.

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