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Company Profile

QuantuMDx Group is an ambitious life sciences tools and diagnostics developer. Headquartered in the United Kingdom with operations and global partnerships with healthcare providers in the United States, Asia, Australasia, Europe and Africa. QuantuMDx is dedicated to making transformative, quality diagnostic technologies accessible to everyone, so that diseases can be detected and treated earlier, and transmission eradicated. Their flagship product Q-POC™, is a simple to use, portable and battery-operated molecular diagnostic system which offers true sample to answer analysis within 30 minutes, depending on the complexity of the test.

Project Brief

In early 2018, QuantuMDx Group contacted Connected Diagnostics to understand the activities involved with incorporating connectivity into their forthcoming Q-POC™ product. As an emerging product manufacturer it was also imperative to understand the costs, timescales and resources required to develop a connected product, the market needs, development options as well as business models and return on investment.

Project Activities

Connected Diagnostics worked with multiple stakeholders in the QuantuMDx Group to understand their goals and ambitions for Q-POC™. After conducting a series of interviews, workshops and questionnaires a multi-phase strategy and development plan emerged that would lay the foundations for future activities.

A connectivity design including a dedicated cellular chipset was conceived that would enable Q-POC™ to report test data from almost any location globally. An advanced instrument management system to enable over the air software updates and device control was also specified. After a period of writing detailed product specifications the Connected Diagnostics team set about building a proof of concept to demonstrate to its board and investors the capabilities and benefits of connectivity.

After successful demonstrations of the proof of concept it was time to make things for real. Working alongside the product development teams at QuantuMDx the team at Connected Diagnostics worked to establish optimal hardware components for the design including modems, SIM cards and antennas whilst establishing supply partners and cost models. Customised versions of device management and software update platforms were developed and integrated into a single platform for operational management and documentation was prepared under ISO 13485 and IEC 62304 to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Project Outcome

Q-POC™ was launched as a product to an eagerly awaiting market in 2020. Its connectivity features allow granular level data routing to multiple stakeholders over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi technologies. Software updates and new assay definition files are offered over the air with a backup option of USB if needed.