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OTAMS is shown in a graphic circular image, with three icons to convey connectivity, control and intelligence.

Today, at The Union Conference 2023 (Paris), Connected Diagnostics Limited proudly unveiled the OTAMS suite, a comprehensive set of products and services designed to expedite the development of connectivity functions in TB diagnostics devices. In the face of TB's persistent impact on global health, the demand for timely, accurate and standardised information has never been more critical.

Connected Diagnostics' CEO, Chris Isaacs, envisions the OTAMS platform as a catalyst for accelerating connectivity functions in TB diagnostics. The platform offers tools for over-the-air monitoring and management of diagnostics in remote locations, centralised and remote calibration of field deployed devices and other essential capabilities such as post market surveillance.

Isaacs also anticipates that OTAMS will foster standardised connectivity solutions within TB diagnostics, addressing the crucial challenge of turnkey data integration with electronic systems. Furthermore, he underscores that the seamless transmission of data directly from diagnostic devices is of paramount importance to TB programs, and without connectivity, devices are missing their true potential.


The OTAMS suite comprises three indispensable components:

OTAMS Client Connectivity Toolkit: This adaptable blueprint expedites the journey to market for TB diagnostics devices. It simplifies complex design processes, allowing manufacturers to focus on delivering high-quality diagnostics while seamlessly integrating data into connectivity platforms, Laboratory Information Systems, and Surveillance systems.

OTAMS Device Manager: Streamlining device management, OTAMS Device Manager provides a unified portal to oversee entire fleets of TB diagnostics devices. It offers features such as remote calibration, over-the-air software updates, and remote log file extraction to reduce engineer visits. These features will enhance device functionality, extend longevity, and improve the customer experience.

OTAMS BI (Business Intelligence): Empowering manufacturers with powerful insights and data-driven decision-making tools, OTAMS BI unlocks the latent potential within proprietary device data. This platform facilitates trend analysis and actionable data for cost efficiency and more effective and reliable TB diagnostics.

Connected Diagnostics Limited is dedicated to advancing healthcare through innovation and connectivity. The OTAMS suite embodies this commitment and marks a significant stride towards a world where TB diagnostics are faster, more reliable, and seamlessly integrated with electronic systems.


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Chris Isaacs
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