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About Us

Connected Diagnostics was founded in 2015 to assist manufacturers of medical devices and the global health community to achieve the vision of fully connected and sustainable digital healthcare systems. Since then, we have helped to design, develop, launch and implement world class solutions that serve to identify and treat conditions impacting the global community.

Our passion for technology and healthcare is combined with subject matter expertise to offer strategic advantages for manufacturers and real-world implementation of technologies for health systems. With a dedicated team of industry experts and a willingness to continually innovate and inspire new ways of working, Connected Diagnostics is a powerful asset to any digital health project.

Our team

Our team benefits from expertise across an array of disciplines, offering services that range from business modelling and strategic guidance, through to product development and operational outsourcing.

We are experts in communications technologies and product development in stringent regulated environments, with meticulous quality, attention to detail and delivery at the core of everything we do. We will guide you through every step of the process to reach a solution that fits seamlessly into your working practices, providing expert advice throughout to ensure a smooth delivery and integration.

How we help

Despite the availability and increasingly widespread deployment of connected diagnostics and eHealth solutions, the benefits associated with them are often not fully realised.

Navigating the complexities of connectivity, including its implementation, operation and regulatory compliance, is daunting for many. Our team provides expert knowledge and capabilities in all aspects of connectivity for diagnostics and eHealth solutions, ensuring success for your project.

Our Services

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“Our program of work with Connected Dx has been highly impactful for us, with their unparalleled expertise in real-world low to middle income country diagnostic connectivity solution requirements being invaluable for the successful development of our Genedrive Connect application.” 

Gino Miele - Director of Research & Development

Genedrive PLC