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About Us

Connected Diagnostics was founded in 2015 with the aim of assisting manufacturers of medical devices and the global healthcare community in achieving the vision of fully connected and sustainable digital healthcare systems. Since then, we have played a crucial role in designing, developing, launching, and implementing high-quality solutions aimed at identifying and treating medical conditions that impact communities worldwide.

Our unwavering enthusiasm for both technology and healthcare is aligned with our deep subject matter expertise, offering manufacturers strategic advantages and enabling the practical application of cutting-edge technologies within healthcare systems. Supported by a dedicated team of industry experts and an unwavering commitment to continuous innovation, Connected Diagnostics stands as a formidable asset to any digital health project.

Our team

Our team boasts a diverse array of expertise spanning multiple disciplines, and our service offerings encompass the entire spectrum of your connectivity journey. We start by helping you shape your connectivity vision, providing support in areas such as business modeling and strategic direction. We then expedite the development of your connectivity software, ensuring swift progress, and offer operational outsourcing as needed.

Our specialization lies in communications technologies and product development, particularly within highly regulated environments. Our commitment to meticulous quality, unwavering attention to detail, and on-time delivery is at the core of everything we undertake. Throughout the entire process, we act as your trusted guides, leading you through each step to attain a solution that seamlessly aligns with your operational practices. We provide expert advice at every turn, ensuring a smooth delivery and seamless integration of the solution into your workflow.

How we help

We specialise in assisting device manufacturers in seamlessly connecting their diagnostic devices and creating robust connected data services to enhance the overall value of their businesses. Our approach combines our expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art connectivity platforms to enable manufacturers to swiftly incorporate connectivity into their diagnostic devices. This not only leads to immediate gains in operational efficiency but also empowers them to establish value-added data services, thereby amplifying the overall worth of their enterprises.

Our methodology revolves around our distinctive 'connectivity vision,' a well-structured approach to innovation within the realm of medical device IoT. This approach enables us to identify lucrative revenue streams and cost-saving opportunities, allowing us to establish a clearly defined strategy and a roadmap for implementation. Leveraging our Fast Track development tools and resources, we proficiently design, develop, and seamlessly integrate connectivity software and hardware into the targeted diagnostic devices.

To bring this vision to life, we deploy and tailor our turnkey Over-The-Air (OTA) device management and business intelligence platform. This customisation ensures the rapid delivery of the envisioned connected data-driven services, aligning seamlessly with critical business needs.

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“Our program of work with Connected Dx has been highly impactful for us, with their unparalleled expertise in real-world low to middle income country diagnostic connectivity solution requirements being invaluable for the successful development of our Genedrive Connect application.” 

Gino Miele - Director of Research & Development

Genedrive PLC